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The Adamus Trio

Jan Adamus - oboe, English horn
Marie Fuxová - violin
Martin Levický - piano, harpsichord


Since its foundation in 1985 by Jan Adamus, the leader of the ensemble, till 2013 the Adamus Trio played in unchanged constitution with the violinist Jitka Adamusová. After nearly 30 successful years in the trio Jitka Adamusová ended her active career and devotes her time to pedagogical activities. At present the violin is played by Marie Fuxová. The Adamus Trio has been exploring new sound harmonies and new instrument combinations. Though the ensemble is small, the instruments played by the musicians represent the major groups of instruments. Oboe and English horn stand for woodwinds, violin and viola for strings and piano or harpsichord for struck stringed instruments.

The Trio performs Baroque or Classical as well as Romantic and modern music. As for the Baroque, the Trio has searched for unknown compositions and their effort reached its peak in recording 6 Telemann's Suites for oboe, violin and harpsichord, which appeared as a complete work for the first time ever (production GZ Loděnice, 1993). Another field of the Trio's activities is performing more recent pieces of music. As many compositions, particularly from the Romantic Period, need adapting, the art leader of the Trio makes all necessary transcriptions himself. Some modern compositions were "made to measure" for the Adamus Trio by contemporary music writers, such as "Grand Prix" by Karel Odstrčil, "Tauromaquia" by Emil Viklický or "Quodlibet" by Jiří Teml.

The Adamus Trio has received ovations in concert halls throughout most of the European countries, e.g. in Austria (Salzburg 1991, 1993), Germany (Berlin - Schauspielhaus 1991, Schloß Charlottenburg 1991, Landshuter Hofmusiktage 1994, Deutschland Radio Berlin - Wartburgkonzert – 2002), Spain (1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993), Switzerland (Bern 1988, Bielersee-Festival 1992 - 1995), France (Festival Janáček Paris 1988, L´Automne Musical 1992), Festival Sarajevo 2000 and in the United Arabic Emirates (Abu Dhabi 2000, Dubai 2002).

JAN ADAMUS – oboe, English horn

Jan Adamus


Marie Fuxová

MARTIN LEVICKÝ – piano, harpsichord

Martin Levický


R e p e r t o i r e

Trios for Violin, Oboe and Harpsichord

J. S. Bach   Sonata in G major BMW 1038
G. Ph.Telemann   Six Suites
J. M. Leclair   Sonata opus 13 No. 2
A. Sacchini   Sonata in G major
G. Tartini   Three Triosonatas
T. Albinoni   Three Sonatas for Trio
J. Haydn   Sonata No. 2 for violin, English horn and harpsichord
J. Cart   Sonata in D major
A. Corelli   Sonata opus 4 No.1
G. F. Händel   Sonata in A major

Trios with Piano

G. Cambini   Trio in F major for oboe, violin and piano
J. Haydn   Sonata in G major No. 5 for oboe, violin and piano
Sonata in A major No. 6 for oboe, violin and piano
Sonata in Es major No. 1 for violin, English horn and piano
W. A. Mozart   Trio for piano, violin and English horn KV 564, KV 502
L. van Beethoven   Trio opus 1 No. 2 for violin, English horn and piano
J. Brahms   Trio opus 40 for piano, violin and English horn
R. Schumann   "The Narrations of Fairy Tales" for viola, oboe and piano op. 132
E. Viklický   "Tauromaquia" for oboe, violin and piano, written for the Adamus Trio in 1989
K. Odstrčil   "Grand Prix" for oboe, violin and piano, written for the Adamus Trio in 1985
D. Acker   "Trio", written for the Adamus Trio in 1995
D. Eberhardt   "Sempre", written for the Adamus Trio in 1997

Solos, Duos

A. Dvořák   Poetic Tone Pictures" opus 85 for piano solo
“Humoresques“opus 101 for piano solo
Mazurek opus 49 for violin and piano
R. Schumann   Selected compositions for piano solo
C. Debussy   Preludes for solo piano
J. M. Leclair   Sonata in D major for violin and harpsichord
F. Geminiani   Sonata No. 3 in C major for violin and harpsichord
L. Janáček   Sonata for violin and piano
B. Smetana   “From my Country“, two duos for violin and piano
B. Martinů   “The Czech Rhapsody“ for violin and piano
E. Viklický   “Adaemus“ for oboe solo, written for Jan Adamus
J. Teml   “Quodlibet“ for violin and English horn written for the Adamus Trio in 1992


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